BioDegradability Kit

Product Code: 117359

This innovative environmental science kit can be used both by teachers and pupils to demonstrate material bio-degrading in different media. The Invicta BioDegradability Kit has been designed to support the teaching of Science and Geography within education systems worldwide and encourage discussion on sustainability and environmental issues. Pupils can bring their own materials from home and conduct experiments to observe the amount and rate of degrading over time.

The BioDegradability Kit contains; 
l 6 specially designed containers with vented lids which can be opened or closed
l 6 clip frames, 6 open cage frames and 6 closed frame cages to hold the materials for testing
l 6 each of copper, aluminium, tin, cardboard, hot water soluble and cold water ‘T’ sections for testing
l Rapid degrading film samples for testing
l A European teacher guide in English, French, Spanish, German & Dutch
This kit is great for comparing the biodegradability of different shopping bags (plastics, cloth, and paper), fabrics, nappies and many more topical environmental issues.
A refill kit is available.

The BioDegradability Kit is the subject of worldwide copyrights, patents and trademarks owned by Invicta Plastics Limited.

 Single container 145mm high (incl' lid) x 120mm across corners.