BioDegradability Kit Refill Pack 1

Product Code: 117459

This product contains all of the resources you need to conduct further experiments with the Invicta BioDegradability Kit. Includes one specially designed container and a selection of replacement testing materials including 24 each of cardboard, hot water soluble plastics and cold water soluble plastic T-sections, 3 each of copper, aluminium and tin T-sections, 6 of each frame to hold materials in place (clip, open, closed) and a sheet of rapid-degrading film.

Additionally with this kit only, receive a sheet of compostable material which is provided for further experiments.
A detailed European teacher guide with suggested exercises is included.

The BioDegradability Kit Refill Pack 1 is the subject of worldwide copyrights, patents and trademarks owned by Invicta Plastics Limited.

Size: Single container 14.5cm high (including lid) x 12cm across corners.