Product Code: 118000

A ‘cool’ NEW way of observing how different composting processes work. Pupils can discover through scientific enquiry, different methods of composting and their potential to reduce the impact on climate change, whilst benefiting the world’s fragile Eco Systems and promoting recycling and sustainability.

Invicta’s innovative Composter can be used by both teachers and pupils to discover and demonstrate how everyday garden waste including uncooked vegetable peelings, garden cuttings and any suitable kitchen scraps, when properly composted, can provide excellent fertilizer for organic gardening and free nutrients for the soil. The transparent containers allow students to view the gradual composting process and observe the changes in colour, texture, pH values and temperatures that occur and has a capacity/volume of 1 litre. Pupils can conduct experiments and examine how microorganisms and macro organisms break down the materials. They can also compare different methods of composting and use mathematical equations and ratios of carbon, nitrogen, air and moisture to analyse the quality of compost produced.

The Composter includes 4 x specially designed transparent containers with carry handles, 4 x inner liners complete with drainage/aeration holes,  4 x lids with lifters and a comprehensive product guide. 

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