Dark & Clear Grow Bell Set

Product Code: 118600

The NEW Invicta Dark & Clear Grow Bell Set allows children of all ages to perform experiments to compare the effect of light and dark on plant and root growth. The Clear Grow Bell can be used to show how light can affect the germination and subsequent growth of roots and seedlings in light and the Dark Grow Bell shows the same in complete darkness. The lids and bases are interchangeable so that light on roots and dark on seedlings can be examined as well as dark on roots and light on seedlings. The inner liners are both clear for easy observations to be conducted. The Dark & Clear Grow Bell Set includes 1 x clear base, 1 x black base, 2 x clear transparent inner liner complete with drainage/aeration holes,1 x clear lid with adjustable ventilation cap, 1 x black lid with adjustable ventilation cap and a comprehensive product guide. 
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