Eye Scope

Product Code: 116359

Invicta’s Eye Scope allows you to look at anything from fibres to flowers through this 60x magnifying hand-held digital microscope (with a docking base). The easy to use focusing wheel, which can be used whichever way the Eye Scope is positioned, is ideal for younger children to operate and a simple push button takes a picture instantly. Easily connect to your computer through a USB (plug-and-play), capture images and discuss your findings.

The Eye Scope is provided with an extension cable allowing you to extend the reach of the microscope by 2m, providing the user with a total range of 3.7m. The Eye Scope comes with pre-prepared slides for viewing and a specimen cup.

Compatible with Windows 2000, SP4, XP, Vista & Windows 7.0. 

If you are unable to access the Eye Scope images on your computer, image viewing software for Windows Vista or 7.0 can be downloaded by clicking HERE.