Full Cycle Cards - 5 sets available

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  • An educational resource with highly visual cards that allow children to sort and understand the process involved in sourcing raw materials, how materials are converted into useable products and then the need to recycle products at the end of their useful life.

    Product Code: 117500* - Full Cycle Cards - Glass
    Product Code: 117600* - Full Cycle Cards - Metal
    Product Code: 117700* - Full Cycle Cards - Plastics
    Product Code: 117800* - Full Cycle Cards - Wood
    Product Code: 117900* - Full Cycle Cards - Wool

    Invicta’s Full Cycle Cards have been designed to stimulate discussion on where materials originate, the recycling process and what impact their use has on the environment. The set includes 13 dry-wipe picture cards that show the cyclical process step-by-step, including origin, what can be made from a particular material, recycling processes and final use (Full Cycle). In addition to the 13 picture cards there are two blank cards included in the set so that children and teachers can suggest or discuss ideas of what processes could come next in the cycle before the correct answer is revealed. This is a great resource for class or group work.
  • A detailed teacher guide with suggested lesson plans and a quick-start guide are provided. 
  • *Invicta’s 3 year guarantee does not apply to this particular product.

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