Product Code: 040359

The Invicta Pooter can be used by children to help them collect insects and small organisms and deposit them safely and without harm into the viewing chamber. The viewing chamber has been specially designed not to be perfectly round. Bugs will keep on walking until they find a corner or crevice to hide in and once they are still children will find it much easier to observe them. The design of the Pooter consists of a small, reusable jar with a green lid containing two holes; one of which has a fine mesh covering. Two lengths of tubing are supplied; one short green and the other longer clear. The short green length of tubing is inserted into the meshed hole and is sucked by the user; the end of the clear tube is placed carefully over the specimen to be collected which  then gets drawn into the chamber. The mesh covering stops the specimen from being accidently drawn  into the child’s mouth. The tubing can be easily washed between uses.
Chamber 70mm high x 54mm diameter.