Worm Composter

Product Code: 118300

Invicta’s new Worm Composter (Vermicomposter) can be used by teachers and pupils to discover and demonstrate how worms can recycle everyday food scraps and other organic matter including raw fruit and vegetable, grass cuttings, sawdust, moist paper strips and leaves into a valuable and nutrient rich soil amendment called Vermicompost, or Worm Compost. Worms eat food scraps, which becomes compost when it exits the worm’s body. The red transparent container has been specially designed to both absorb the light and allow pupils to view the worms at work breaking down the organic materials into compost and observing changes in colour, texture, pH values and temperature. It has a capacity/volume of 3.5 litres and is an ideal size for small group and classroom use. Pupils at higher levels can conduct experiments and examine the process of how the macro organisms are breaking down the material and analyse the worm reproduction that occurs. They can examine the ratios of carbon, nitrogen, air, light, moisture and the harvesting process and their effects on the nutrient rich compost that is produced. The Worm Composter includes 1 x specially designed red transparent container and I x clear transparent inner liner complete with drainage/aeration holes, 1 x red transparent lid with adjustable ventilation cap and comprehensive product guide.    
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